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User Manual


It order to begin using your guides you will first need to choose which one you would like to use. When you first go in game the Guide Viewer will attempt to detect your characters race and level and automatically select the best guide, however, if you wish to use a different guide you will need to manually change it. To do this you will need to use the Guide Menu which is the central hub for browsing and loading all guides. It can be accessed at any time by hovering over an existing guide tab and selecting the "change current guide" icon, or if you'd like to load a guide in a new tab, by clicking the orange "+" Add New Tab button.

guide picker

The first screen you'll be taken to is the Home screen:


This will display all the different guide types available to you. By default we include trial versions of all of our guide types.

Once you select a guide type the view will change to a foldered structure showing you the individual guides available to you. What you see will depend on which products you have purchased.


To navigate, left click to go deeper inside a directory, and right click to go back up one.

Once you have found the guide you're looking for, click the orange load guide to load that guide.

Note: If you think that you are missing any content that you purchased please see our troubleshooting section or contact our Support Team.